Butlletí de la UIS


Ja es pot descarregar el nou Butlletí 60-2 de la Unió Internacional d'Espeleologia UIS


Nos complace compartir con ustedes el Volumen 60-2 del Boletín de la Union Internacional de Espeleología (UIS).

El archivo en PDF se puede descargar en: http://www.uis-speleo.org/downloads/uis-bulletins/uisb602.pdf

Las 74 páginas de esta edición traen:

  • Editorial: “Facing the future while living the present
  • The President’s Column: “You are the UIS”
  • International Year of Caves and Karst - A Call to Action
  • The International Standardization of Karst Research and Management
  • Report of Activities 2018 – UIS Commission on History of Speleology
  • 18th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology
  • UIS Supported the Meeting “125 Years of Das Karstphänomen”
  • Innovation in Show Cave Management: The 2018 ISCA Congress
  • 12th Balkan Caver’s Camp 2018 
  • The France Habe Prize 2019 Regulations
  • Research on the 60 years of UIS history
  • The UIS through the pins
  • Cave rescue in Thailand 2018: details of the operation 
  • In Mexico, a big train project poses risks to cave systems
  • Minutes UIS Bureau Meeting 2018 - Ebensee, Austria 
  • Andy Eavis (UK), UIS Past President, is awarded in Malaysia
  • In Memoriam: Jeanne Marie Gurnee (USA)
  • In Memoriam: John Robert Holsinger (USA)
  • Brazilian Guidebook awarded by the UIS Prizes 2017 is launched in English
  • Brazilian Congresses of Speleology - 15 issues available on line
  • Calendar of Events 2019-2021
  • 18th International Congress of Speleology/2021 - Offical Poster available
  • UIS Bureau 2017/2021
  • List of Member Nations
  • Annual Contributions and Bank Account